Heritage Hakka
(symphony orchestra), 2010 [11'20"]

Program notes

Hakka means guest in Chinese. Hakka people is a subgroup of the Chinese originating from northern China in the Han Dynasty (202 BC– 220 AD). Due to social and political upheavals and frequent invasions from the northern tribes, for centuries Hakka people have continued their migrations to southern China and, nowadays, to various corners of the world. Persevering spirits and Hakka dialects are among the heritage of Hakka. As new comers to a territory Hakka people usually had to farm in mountain areas where local people cared not to use. Hakka people made up mountain songs to entertain themselves as they worked hard in the fields. Mountain songs were also a means to express admirations and to exchange love messages among young men and women. This piece is for symphony orchestra with four percussions. Hakka mountain songs are used as motifs. The music depicts the journey of Hakka ancestors over the mountains and cross the oceans to the island of Taiwan. Constant hardships were overcome by unbreakable spirits, positive attitudes, and music. This piece is a symphonic poem in a single-movement sonata form.


3, 3, 3, 4, 3, 3, 1, Timp., Perc. I, II, III, IV, Harp, Strings