(flute and cello), 2005 [7'01"]

This piece was world-premiered at the Kaohsiung Music Hall on August 30, 2005, performedby Hsiu-Feng Lu (flute) and Pei-Chin Shi (cello).

Program notes

The inspiration of this piece came from Artemis-Diana, the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology. From the image of Artemis fantasies of the moon are developed. The composer attempts to form phrases from vibrations created by tremolos and vibratos. Intensity continues to rise, representing the constant change in shape of the moon. In the middle section of the music, the chromatic and rhythmic changes represent the fighting spirits of Artemis. In the final section, the reflection of the moonlight is the focus of the imagination. The image of Artemis reappears and merges into the music.