A Dream of Red Mansions
a trio for violin, guitar, and double bass, 1999 [14'55"]

This piece was a commissioned work, which was world-premiered in Kyoto, Japan on April 24, 1999, performed by Motoko Fujiie (violin), Daisuke Suzuki (guitar), and Nobuaki Nakata (double bass). On August 8, 2000 it was selected by the 21st Conference of the Asian Composers League in Yokohama, Japan and performed by Yukiko Teraoka (violin), Norio Satoh (guitar), and Koji Akaike (double bass). Later performances include Nov. 24, 2000 at the Kaohsiung Recital Hall, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, by Andrii Didorenko (violin), Shan-Yang Wang (guitar), and Shin-Sao Chen (double bass); August 30, 2005 at the Kaohsiung Music Hall, Taiwan, by Mang-Lin Hsiao (violin), Keishi Sumi (guitar), and Yong-Pei Pan (double bass); November 9, 2011 at the National Concert Hall in Taipei by Pu Feng (violin), Meng-Feng Su (guitar), and Hsiao-Yen Cheng (double bass).

Program notes

It was inspired by one of the seminal Chinese novels "A Dream of Red Mansions", written by Hsueh-Chin Tsao during the reign of Emperor Chien-Lung (1736-1795 AD) of the Chin Dynasty. This piece is base on the romance between the story figures Bao-Yu and D ai-Yu, which has a tragic ending. Seven sections were composed to high-light the story:

  1. The spiritual stone is too bemused to grasp the fairy's riddles (beginning section).
  2. In the Grand View Garden (measures 2-40).
  3. A song awakens Bao-Yu to the esoteric truth (measures 41-55).
  4. On the Feast of the Lanterns (measures 56-84).
  5. Dai-Yu weeps over fallen blossoms (measures 85-98).
  6. Bao-Yu's birthday celebration (measures 99-151).
  7. Flowers wither and fall (measure 151-end).