The Spring of Tai-Ba-Lang
Duet for guitar and double base, 2013 [7'02”] 

This duet piece for guitar and double bass was world-premiered at the National Concert Hall in Taipei by the Yen Ensemble, performed by Hsiao-Yen Cheng (double bass) and Meng-Feng Su (guitar) on August 20, 2013.

Program notes

Tai-Ba-Lang is a tribe of the A-Mei aboriginal people of Taiwan. This piece describes the scenes of a typical Tai-Ba-Lang village. The villagers greet the rising sun and prepare for springtime farming. In the onset of spring, they engage in seed spreading, cloth weaving, wicker making, folksong singing, and wood carving. Teamworks create a centripetal force to unite the people and symbolize prosperity of the tribe. The music is divided into three parts: Sun Goddess (spring deity), Singing, and Spring Dance.