Red Cliffs  (full score)
Wind orchestra; duration: 7'50"
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This piece describes the famous military campaign in the Chinese history, ¡§the Battle of Red Cliffs¡¨. In 208 AD, warlord General Cao attempted to invade the Wu Kingdom, bringing his troops over 200,000 soldiers southbound. General Sun of the Wu Kingdom and General Liu combined their forces, fighting Cao with only 50,000 soldiers. The alliance positioned themselves on land and water, fighting with few against many, and converging at the decisive battle site of Red Cliffs. In the end, Cao was completely defeated at Wulin, resulting in the three-way division of the country. The music is consisted of the following parts:

1. Overture ¡V Zhuge Liang prodded General Sun into an alliance with General Liu   
    against Cao¡¦s invasion.
2. The Battle of Changban ¡V impending danger, thunder of the war drums.
3. The Qiao sisters ¡V beauties and the heroes.
4. The Battle of Wulin ¡V burning of the chained war ships, Cao¡¦s defeat at Wulin.
5. The Battle of Jiangling ¡V Cao¡¦s escape from the Wuarong passage, beginning of 
    the Three Kingdoms era.

This piece was world-premiered at the National Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan on October 17, 2007. It was performed by the Taiwan Wind Orchestra, with Prof. Lian-Chang Kuo conducting. This piece was commissioned by the Taiwan Wind Orchestra in 2007.