(cello), 2002 [8'40"]

This unaccompanied cello piece was world-premiered at the Kaohsiung Culture Center in 2002 by cellist Pei-Chin Shi.

Program notes

Completed in Kaohsiung in January 2002, “Yi” was inspired by the Chinese philosophy from The Book of Changes. The theory of Yin and Yang explains all change in the universe. Yin and Yang complement each other and become a foundation and wellspring of the Chinese philosophy.

The relationship between the performer and his/her instrument represents the relationship between the human and the universe. The performer assumes a major role in self-expression, using sensitive, delicate and extensive breathes to express the alternating generations on the earth. Like a chain of interlocking rings the structure of the piece cannot be easily divided into independent sections. Such alternating generations in music result in a tangible and understandable musical syntax, which is a sharp contrast to the very abstractive theme. The main focus of this composition is its multi-facet association with the contrast of Yin and Yang.