Northern Lights
Piccolo Solo; duration: 2'42"
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Northern Lights – Program Note

This piece is for piccolo solo, it described the colorful and dazzling northern lights in the night sky. The motif came from a larger jumping intervals, the composer used the various progression of chords to build up the timbre layer and express the tonal changes of the aurora, and use the different rhythm to describe the aurora changes rapidly in time, and a variety of performing techniques are used to reflect the changes of the aurora in space, sometimes it is a ribbon, sometimes it is a fire, sometimes an arc, a vast expanse the beautiful beam of aurora in the night sky, with dazzling brilliance.

此首為短笛獨奏曲,主要描繪在蒼穹的夜空, 極光的璀璨壯麗, 五彩繽紛炫麗奪目。作曲者 以大跳音程為動機, 用和絃的推演變化來架構色彩層次並且表示極光的色調變幻, 用音樂 的節奏來呈現極光在時間上的瞬息萬變, 各式的演奏語法表示極光在空間上的變化, 有時 是彩帶, 有時是火焰, 也有時是一道弧光, 整體呈現夜空極光的綺麗光束, 炫目光彩。

"Northern Lights"