Two Pieces of Flute Solo:
Somber Flute 4'30", Tweet Tweet Birds 2'00"

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Somber Flute
This flute solo piece was inspired by a poem of the Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu. Nostalgia was triggered by the sound of flute playing. Just a few notes, thousands of homesick thoughts were elicited. The composer shares the same feelings of homesickness from the poem, and uses the modern flute to mimic the ancient flute. To express the nostalgia fully, variations in the different pitch ranges are developing with various performing techniques, such as large vibrato, tremolo, voicing, portamento, etc. The English translation of the original poem is as follows:

The wind carries flute music from hills under autumn moon.
Who is playing this fantastic but somber tune?
In sync with the melody the whispering wind is a boon.
How many mountain passes are illuminated by the moon?
The nostalgic music sent the Hu warriors back to the north.
The Wu-Ling tune reminiscences the campaign in the south.
The withering willows in the old yard are in poor health.
In these hard times, how could they sustain the growth?

此首樂曲靈感來自於唐朝詩人杜甫的吹笛, 詩中由聽到吹笛聲而引發感懷, 橫笛數聲,牽動萬千愁思。作曲者感於詩中思鄉情愁的情景, 試圖用長笛 來模仿古笛, 在不同音域的音色變化及各種吹奏技巧, 如大幅度抖音、 顫音、吐音、滑音等等,來表達心中的滿懷鄉愁。詩詞內容如下:


Tweet Tweet Birds
This piece was inspired by the bird sounds. Different birds are expressed with different tones of the flute. A variety of performing techniques are used to mimic the bird's vocabularies: fast passages for bird's singing, tremolo phrases for bird's group dialogues, accidentals and staccatos for bird's chasing, and so on.

此首樂曲靈感來自於鳥類的叫聲, 作曲者藉由長笛不同音區的音色來描述 各種不同的鳥, 並以多種演奏語法來揣摩鳥的語彙, 例如快速音群來描述鳥的 歌唱, 同音反覆音群表示鳥群聚的對話, 裝飾音及跳音表達鳥的追逐等等。

World-preimie by flutist Iwona Glinka in July, 2019: