Ear Training Drills

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Train your ears and become a better musician. This App includes 6 music ear training
drills including Higher / Lower, Single Note, Intervals, Keyboard Intervals, Chord Modes and Keyboard Chords.
The preferences allow you to set what you want to practice. The background image can be easily changed
in the Main Menu.


This App includes 6 Drills. You can select in the preferences to only work on certain notes, chords or intervals.

Higher / Lower

Identify if the 2nd note is higher or lower in pitch than the 1st note

Single Note

Play the note that you hear on the keyboard


Identify the interval between 2 notes by pressing the button

Keyboard Intervals

Play the 2 notes of the interval that you hear on the keyboard

Chord Modes

Press the button of the chord mode that you hear

Keyboard Chords

Play the notes of the chord that you hear on the keyboard